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Explore the Guardian Roof External Finishes

On the outside the Guardian™ warm roof comes with a great range of roof tiles to choose from to best match your home. On the inside you can choose from a modern plastered finish or if your room is naturally bright a Timber finish is maybe the better option. You can also enhance the light into the room by adding a skylight or two and to finish off, why not add some contemporary L.E.D spotlights to bring the room to life in the dark winter evenings.

Conservatory Solid Roofs have been helping customers in Essex, Suffolk and the surrounding areas improve the style of their conservatory.

Please take a look at some of the options on offer below.

Outside Inside
A conservatory solid roof with roof windows installed A conservatory solid roof with roof windows installed A conservatory solid roof with roof windows installed
Guardian roof slate for your solid conservatory roof

Guardian Roof Slate

Guardian now produces a unique and fully guaranteed slate. It’s been fully tested and approved plus the Guardian™ slate offers many important advantages and qualities. Designed and manufactured by Guardian™, the slate has been specifically created for their lightweight room system. Unlike natural slate, it won’t break or crack and it doesn’t become brittle or dangerously sharp. So you get all the benefits of the handsome appearance of natural slate, in a very flexible and environmentally friendly package. This is the number one choice for most homeowners.

Tapco roof slates for your solid conservatory roof

Tapco Roof Slate

Tapco Slate has the random texture and rough edges that are associated with natural slate, in fact, even close-up they do look remarkably realistic. However they are amazingly lightweight, (12kgs/sq metre) strong, durable and totally recyclable.

Tapco comes in a range of typical slate colours to match and compliment your home. With excellent weathering qualities and authentic characteristics Tapco Slate is a very popular choice. Limited lifetime warranty and BBA certified.

Metrotile for a future proof solid conservatory roof.


The future proof roof. An ideal partner for the Guardian™ Warm Roof design and perfect as a replacement for your old conservatory roof but also great for any modern building project. The Metrotile shingle has many qualities for both appearance and performance but best of all is the effectiveness within the home environment. The colour choice means that Metrotile can match or compliment virtually any UK house style.

Fakro roof windows for your solid conservatory roof

Fakro Roof Windows

One of the joys of owning a conservatory is the light, airy atmosphere that it creates. Theres nothing nicer than sitting back and enjoying the view. A typical conservatory is already very light because of the excess of windows but if you really do want the best of both worlds then we recommend a roof window (or possibly two). These very modern products are very practical and give you an alternative option for ventilation as well as the added amount of light that they give the room. Easy to use optional blinds and double glazed for sound and heat protection; they are a great option to consider.