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A solid conservatory roof will insulate your Essex conservatory while improving the style, inside and out.Refresh your conservatory in Essex with a new solid conservatory roof, keeping it cool in the summer!.Add a touch of class to your conservatory in Essex with a range of interior styles.

Keeping cool in your Essex conservatory during the Summer

We're in the middle of a heatwave and we've received many messages from Essex conservatory owners complaining that their conservatory is uncomfortably hot at the moment!

If you too have been suffering in a hot and stuffy conservatory the past couple of weeks you know how much it can ruin the enjoyment of your Essex conservatory!

A solid, energy efficient tiled roof isn't just great at keeping the heat inside in the winter, it's also fantastic at keeping it cool in the summer!

The Guardian Warm Roof system has fantastic cooling due to it's ability to keep hot air outside of your conservatory in Essex! Boasting an incredible thermal U-Value of 0.18W/m2K and a fully modular design makes the Guardian Warm Roof an essential purchase in the hot, stick summer months!

Having your conservatory overheat will be a thing of the past with the Guardian Warm Roof system and you can get back to enjoying a cool, enjoyable living space all summer long!

With a wide range of styles, there's a Guardian Warm Roof for everyone!

Conservatory Solid Roofs are a leading supplier and installer of the Guardian Warm Roof solid conservatory roof system in Essex and the surrounding areas. Please get in touch for a free quote and start enjoying your conservatory without wasting money heating an inefficient space.

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